Today, users placing data in the cloud need to put complete trust that the CSPs will correctly manage the outsourced information. As a matter of fact, all CSPs apply security measures in the services they offer, but these measures either give full trust to the CSP and allow it to have full access to the data, or greatly limit the functionality that the CSP is able to offer on the outsourced data.  




ESCUDO-CLOUD will provide protection guarantees giving the data owners full control over their data in the cloud, while at the same time giving the cloud functionality over them. 




This goal will be achieved by providing enforceable security, that is, techniques wrapping the data to provide a layer of protection to the eyes of the storing/processing CSP itself, setting the trust boundary at the client side, which means assuming correct and trusted behaviour only by the client. ESCUDO-CLOUD will then allow data owners to outsource their data while maintaining control over them, with the ability to regulate access to them and share them with other users in a selective way and with assurance that their data will remain protected from the CSPs.