Work packages

  • WP1: Use cases

This work package coordinates the four use cases considered in the project, providing requirements, deployment and validation of ESCUDO-CLOUD solutions, enabling direct exploitation by the industrial partners. 

  • WP2: Protection techniques for outsourced data

This work package is responsible for the technical work on the design and implementation of protection solutions for the management of outsourced data. It allows a data owner to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of her data, and perform fine-grained data access. 

  • WP3: Information sharing in the cloud

This work package focuses on the use of the cloud to share resources among a community of users and considers a multiplicity of clients. It provides solutions for enabling collaborative, possibly concurrent, access to data stored in the cloud while ensuring integrity of the data as well as confidentiality with respect to the storing and processing services and among users.  

  • WP4: Multi cloud and federated cloud

This work package provides solutions for allowing users to leverage the availability of multiple providers, to enhance security and reduce costs. The presence of multiple cloud providers can also be used for developing a federated secure cloud storage service. 

  • WP5: Dissemination, communication, and exploitation

This work package coordinates and oversees the dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities within the project and organises collaboration with other research efforts addressing similar goals. 

  • WP6: Project management

This work package coordinates the project to ensure that all work packages are fully integrated and performed efficiently, so that the project completes successfully as scheduled, within budget, and meeting the stakeholders’ expectations; provides technical guidance to the project and coordinate the research, development, exploitation, and dissemination efforts of the Consortium; and serves as a focal point for interaction between the European Commission and the ESCUDO-CLOUD Consortium for all the relevant matters. 



Interactions among work packages