Selective sharing

ESCUDO-CLOUD introduces solutions for selective sharing between multiple participants. The techniques are based on two building blocks:

  • Secure Multiparty Computation (Garbled Circuit, Secret Sharing and Homomorphic encryption)
  • Order-Preserving encryption


Selective Sharing



As stated by above figure the selective sharing solutions are proven along an industrial use case for evaluation of maintenance efforts between Airlines and Maintenance providers through a cloud application. Here, ESCUDO-CLOUD selective sharing technologies serve to collaboratively execute encrypted SQL queries over the outsourced database.

The innovation delivered by ESCUDO-CLOUD lies especially in the novel oblivious OPE protocol. ESCUDO-CLOUD techniques empower multiple parties to jointly evaluate a decision tree in the cloud without revealing any individual information to each other. Furthermore, we developed techniques to combine RFID authentication with selective encryption to allow secure and efficient selective sharing in supply chain scenarios.

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